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VoCA September 15, 2006

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1. THE GARDINER MUSEUM: Check out the excellent exhibition by French Canadian sculptor Jean-Pierre Larocque, whose large horses and heads are swathed in layer upon layer of ceramic bandages. The large, gaunt, staring heads particularly remind me of Thomas Schutte’s work.

Jean-Pierre Larocque, Untitled (Horse with baggage) 2006. Photo: Bertrand Carriere

Untitled (Horse with baggage), 2006. Photo: Bertrand Carriere

Untitled (Head), 2006. Photo: Bertrand Carriere

Work by Thomas Schutte. Photo from buch.archinform

Dirty Dictators by Thomas Schutte. Photo from Artnet.com

The Gardiner is continuing its strong programming with Paul Day: Battle of Britain Terracottas and Other Work.

The Battle of Britain Monument, recently unveiled by the London Eye on the Thames Embankment, celebrates and honours the courage of the soldiers who fought in the most important event in Royal Air Force History.

The Monument presents a visual narrative of all aspects of the battle, as individual vignettes of incident and drama are recorded and linked together like a comic strip.

The work on display at the Gardiner will be the original terracotta sculptures. The artists’s technical skill appears awe-inspiring. It promises to be an exhibit of historical and aesthetic importance.

Work by Paul Day. Photo from sculpture.org

Gardiner Museum

1. THE QUEEN WEST ART CRAWL is a celebration of the “buzz, character, edge, authenticity and soul” of Toronto’s artiest district. With 500 showcased artists, 200 artists participating in the Outdoor Art Show and Sale, 15 young artists featured, 36 events, 19 open studios, 12 short films, 32 gallery exhibitions…you’re probably already knackered.

Here are our picks of the top twelve things to see and do along Queen West this weekend. Walking from Bathurst, west along Queen Street:

1. Birch Libralato – Paintings by Janet Werner
-129 Tecumseth

Birch Libralato

2. Susan Hobbs

Image: Susan Hobbs Gallery
Kevin Yates: Household objects sculpted from wood
-137 Tecumseth

Susan Hobbs

3. Dufflet – Design your own cupcake
-787 Queen West (at Niagra)

4. TYPE – ON SUNDAY, 3 – 4 pm
-Margaret Atwood book signing
-883 Queen West (at Walnut)

5. MoCCA

RBC painting competition: Canada’s best young painters
Image by shortlisted artist Francois Xavier Saint-Pierre from rbc.com
-952 Queen West (at Shaw)
(Watch for Abbas Akhavan, Holger Kalberg, Melanie Rocan, Dax Morrison and FXSP in particular)


6. Clint Roenisch – Paintings by Texan Kent Dorn
-944 Queen West (at Shaw)

Clint Roenisch

7. CAMH – Annual Being Scene Art Exhibition: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
-1001 Queen West (at Ossington)

8. Lennox – Peter Mettler
-12 Ossington (at Queen West)


9. Camera – SUNDAY AT 7 PM, 9PM
-Short Docs Rock!
-1028 Queen West (at Dovercourt)


10. Drake – Celebration of Mexican Culture
-1150 Queen West (at Beaconsfield)


11. Loop

Image: Libbyhague’s website
Libby Hague: Martian Odyssey
-1174 Queen West


12. Gladstone – The Beauty Salon: Interactive performance art
-1214 Queen West


The show that opened last night at the Toronto Free Gallery.

Tejpal S. Ajji presented Water, Water Everywhere, a video documentation of a simple and strong performance. Ajji stood in the middle of a car wash and was hosed and scrubbed down by his brother, using industrial strength equipment. The washing plays on the term “ethnic cleansing” while alluding to torture – indeed Ajji’s body convulses as if from electric shock.

Along the walls of the gallery are several beautiful photographs of the artist bound to a chair with a rubber garden hose, streams of water shooting out.

Downstairs, Vagilanti: Prophylactic Nanobots by Franco deFrancesca was an unusual, innovative look at the possible future of contraception. In a video game, the Nanobots wage a war against STD’s and sperm. A 1950s-style cartoon lampoons both marketing techniques and social mores, while digital posters glamorize the characters in a kind of nouvelle-manga fashion.

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