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It’s about time

The Art Gallery of Ontario seems to have – FINALLY – realized that one way to get the public interested in art is to take art outside of the gallery walls. Nevermind that the international art world realized this years ago….Hopefully the gallery’s curators will continue this positive apporach.

(TORONTO: Wednesday, March 7, 2007) A spectacular contemporary wallwork by Lawrence Weiner, part of the AGO’s collection, has been loaned to the Ontario College of Art & Design for nine months, transforming the building’s main lobby.

The Ontario College of Art and Design. Image: livewithculture.ca

Installed on March 9, Weiner’s Chains Wrapped Around One Thing & Another Broken One By One With the Passage of Time (Rusted Free) (Busted Open) (Pulled Apart) (Melted Loose) (——) (——) is a stunning text-based work that was until recently on display at the AGO as part of its Wallworks series.

Lawrence Weiner, “On a String”, 2004 (As high as the sky on a string as deep as the ocean on a string as wide as a river on a string as long as the rainbow on a string) Image: mai36.com

“It is wonderful to be able to partner with OCAD to bring this vital piece of contemporary art beyond the AGO’s walls and into the larger Toronto community,” said David Moos, the AGO’s curator of contemporary art. “I am especially pleased that it could be located near the main entrance, giving students and the public the opportunity to draw inspiration from Weiner’s work.”

Chains Wrapped Around One Thing… is not a typical loan; while the words remain the same, the design of the work itself is produced slightly differently for each installation. The letters and symbols making up this work are cut from large panels of vinyl and applied to the surface of the wall. The AGO and OCAD have worked closely with Weiner to ensure this installation remains consistent with the artist’s vision.

“Lawrence Weiner is one of the most influential artists of the past 40 years. Bringing a major work of his into our learning environment is very exciting,” said Charles Reeve, assistant professor and curator at OCAD. “This piece will greatly enrich the visual experience at our university, and the installation process has given our students valuable insights into the complexities of exhibiting a major site-specific work.”

The work will be installed on the north wall of the OCAD lobby, approximately 40 feet above the main entrance and visible from McCaul Street. It will remain on view until early 2008.

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