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Life Imitates Art

For a classic case of life imitating art, check out the New York Times article on The Legacy of Arthur Pinajian HERE.

…”they were also welcome to the paintings and drawings left behind by Arthur Pinajian, an obscure artist who lived in the house with his sister for decades until they each died at 85, he in 1999, she last year…”

Then check out Iris Haussler’s The Legacy of Joseph Wagenbach HERE.

…”In June 2006, Joseph Wagenbach, the resident of 105 Robinson Street, Toronto, suffered a stroke and now lives in an undisclosed nursing home in Ontario. When neighbours of Wagenbach noticed that the reclusive man had not been seen for weeks…Public Guardians and Trustees entered the house…it was discovered that the environment may comprise an as yet to be determined cultural value….”

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  1. Thea LaVigna says:

    Thanks for this post. My parents were friends of Art’s. We have some of his paintings, memories or him from my childhood. He was a devoted painter, a sweet, fun man.

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