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VoCa recommends 5 exhibitions across Canada:

1. ERIC GLAVIN at Birch Libralato, Toronto

Eric Glavin, Ossington Ave P.S. Image: Birch Libralato Gallery.

March 24 – April 21, 2007

Known for photographically documenting the façades of post-war buildings and using these photographs as a basis for constructing computer-rendered abstracted images, Glavin’s interest lies in the facades’ reference to grids and geometric patterns in modernist, hard-edge painting.

Eric Glavin, Springburn 4a, 2000. Image: Birchlibralato.com

He says: “I wanted to create ready-made paintings which blurred the distinctions between abstract and representational imagery.”

Eric Glavin, Calgary 1, 2001. Image: Birchlibralato.com

For this exhibition, Glavin will be showing works from a recent series of images based on the façades of public schools in the Greater Toronto Area, the majority of which were built in the 60’s and 70’s.

Parisian Laundry
, Montreal

March 30 – April 28, 2007

With Tomma Abts winning the Turner Prize this year, painting is all the rage. VoCA saw work by super-hot Vancouver-based painter Elizabeth McIntosh at the recent exhibition Paint at the VAG.

Elizabeth McIntosh, Red Table. Image: Parisian Laundry.

Here she is paired with Montreal based artist Theresa Sapergia, whose exploration of bisexual sensuality is represented by she-wolves and other animals as well as representations of the artist in enormous drawings.

An image by Theresa Sapergia. Image: parisianlaundry.com

Elizabeth McIntosh, Green and Silver Triangles, 2006. Image: canadianart.ca

3. Monica Napier at Oakville Galleries, Oakville

mad, mad, mad, mad world
April 5 – June 3, 2007

Monica Napier, Code Orange, 2004. Image: Oakville Galleries

Now showing (until April 7th) at Mercer Union, Monica Napier takes her power cords out to Oakville Galleries for a continuation of her touring show. Working with extension cords and cable ties, she creates abstract, organic-looking forms that are hand-formed by coiling and fastening them together. The resulting sculptural installations are “meditations on power and consumption and entropic or dysfunctional systems.”

Monica Napier, Untitled (braid), 2003 (detail) Image: Oakville Galleries

4. David Hoffos at Trepanier Baer, Calgary

Scenes from the House Dream: Phase 5
March 23 – April 21, 2007

David Hoffos, Scenes from the House Dream: Phase 2 – 65 Footers, 2003. Image: Trepanierbaer.com

David Hoffos has spent the past four years working on a complex five-phase multimedia, video-based installation that uses technologically conjured effects harking back to early forms of cinema and magic lantern shows. The house is a Jungian archetype for the self, claims Hoffos, who says that his House Dream series is a kind of “personalized architecture of the self.”

David Hoffos, Atlantis 2006 (2001). Image: trepanierbaer.com

Here he presents the fifth and final phase. “In previous scenes, there have been things that stand in for the house, like a yacht or a trailer,” says Hoffos, but Phase Five will be focused on “a more domestic environment.”

5. Scott McFarland at the Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver

Scott McFarland: Works on paper
March 17th – April 19th

This selection of work by Vancouver’s rising star of conceptual photography are taken from three series shot outside of Canada in Pasadena California, Berlin and London.

Scott McFarland, Ruinberg, near Schloss Sans Souci, Potsdam 2006. Image: monteclarkgallery.com

McFarland’s hybrid-like images are produced by digitally combining multiple negatives to represent variations in the landscape as a series of moments in time compressed into one image. Several works further this idea by altering the image for each edition of the photograph.

Scott McFarland, The Admirals House as seen from the Upper Gardens at Fenton House, 2006. Image: monteclarkgallery.com

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