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Compare and contrast: 2 prairie artists


Ron Kostyniuk, Relief Structure: Planar Series, 1968. Image: ccca.ca

Jonathan Forrest, Tune Up, 2007. Image: newzones.com

JONATHAN FORREST has been called “part of the vibrant next generation of Saskatchewan’s abstract painters.”

His work is on view at Newzones Gallery in Calgary through June 30, 2007. Click HERE to see more of his work.

Ron Kostyniuk, Relief structure, cube series, 1968. Image: ccca.ca

Jonathan Forrest, Orange Float, 2007. Image: newzones.com

Saskatchewan-born and Calgary-based artist RON KOSTYNIUK has been making his relief sculptures since the mid 1960s. He teaches at the University of Calgary and is represented by Axis Contemporary Art in Calgary.

Kostyniuk has exhibited widely in Canada and internationally, and his work is in over 40 public collections. More recently, he has been exploring the vernacular architecture of the Canadian prairies, in particular the iconic grain silos that are fast disappearing from the landscape.

Ron Kostyniuk, Saskatchewan Road Map 2. Image: axisart.ca

See more examples of Kostyniuk’s work HERE .

Ron Kostyniuk, Relief Structure, Rod Series, 1968. Image: ccca.ca

Jonathan Forrest, Landing Strip, 2007. Image: newzones.com

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