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VoCA Recommends…Quartier Ephemere, Montreal

Rainer Eisch, Nous serons-nous jamais rencontrés? Image: quartierephemere.org

July 12 – August 26, 2007 at Quartier Ephemere, Montreal.

A video projector mounted on a dolly travels along a length of track progressively revealing the image of a desolate virtual landscape.

It is through the implication of opposing and obsolete processes that Rainer Eisch addresses both the romantic history of the landscape and its subsequent mediation.

This “pointillist” landscape; artificially composed from millions of pixels, weaves together a geography that passes in front of our eyes.

Read more on the artist HERE

Rainer Eisch, benny, 2007. (film still) Image: rainereisch.de

Rainer Eisch, benny, 2007. (film still) Image: rainereisch.de

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