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Architecture Special/Special Architecture

There’s an excellent article on former Montrealer, Habitat ’67 designer and increasingly world-famous architect Moshe Safdie in the Wall Street Journal. Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67. Image: He designed the National Gallery of Canada, you know. With Louise Bourgeois’s 35-foot tall bronze spider, Maman (1999) outside.

CN Tower dresses up, and Kim Dorland at Skew Gallery, Calgary

1. Toronto’s CN Tower got an admirable facelift this summer, causing many residents to actually see the tower in years. The CN Tower. Image: Vince Talotta/Toronto Star Which reminds us of…. Andy Warhol, A Set of Six Self-Portraits, 1967. image: 2. Will Kim Dorland win the RBC Painting Competition this year? After being shortlisted in 2006, he has again
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640 480 speaks!

Grand Gestures: An Exhibition in Three Parts by 640 480 video collective is showing at Gallery TPW, Trinity Square Video (TSV) and the public space in between. September 6 – 13 October, 2007. Each of the three projects uses the aesthetics of public memorials and museums to discuss the preservation of video and its inherent value system. Beginning at TSV
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Scott McFarland at the MoMA, NY and Melvin Moti at Artscape, Vancouver

New York’s Museum of Modern Art 2. Vancouver artist Scott McFarland has been chosen to participate in the Museum of Modern Art‘s New Photography 2007. September 30 – January 1, 2008. The exhibition is the latest installment of its annual fall showcase of significant recent work in contemporary photography. McFarland has been chosen along with US artist Tanyth Berkeley and
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VoCA recommends…2 Canadian art books

1. Vancouver Art & Economies: edited by Melanie O’Brian Read the review HERE Find it HERE 2. Abstract Painting in Canada: by Roald Nasgaard Find it at David Mirvish Books, Toronto HERE or on HERE

Michaelangelo’s Pieta: Up close and personal

Michelangelo Buonarrotti, Pieta, 1499. Image: This video is a must-see: Click HERE to watch it.

The Canadian Cultural Review Board: A stress-producing wall of ignorance?

“There is a danger that potential donors may send significant items or whole collections out of the country.” Collectors have long donated works of art to galleries and museums, receiving a tax break on the appraised value of the work in return. This can be lucrative if the item has increased considerably in value, and in the U.S, enthusiastic philanthropy
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A reader asks – a curator answers

Recently, a VoCA reader commented on a news item we posted on a Toronto collector donating this year’s Venice Biennale installation by David Altmejd to the Art Gallery of Ontario – a $300,000 gift. Our reader was questioning the acquisition policy of the Art Gallery of Ontario. An installation by David Altmejd. Image: flashartonline VoCA has heard grumblings from Toronto
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VoCA loves…Bruce Mau

Bruce Mau. Image: Designer Bruce Mau on CBC Radio‘s This I Believe: “It is art that sings to us and opens up our hearts to one another. It is art that gives meaning to things that would otherwise go unnoticed. It is art that connects us to our past. It is art that cracks a smile and laughs at
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VoCA Recommends…Sonny Assu at AGSM, Manitoba and Gertraud Mohwald at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto

1. iPotlach by Vancouver artist Sonny Assu runs August 30 – 13 October at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. Sonny Assu, iPotlatch Ego, 2007. Image: iPotlach brings together consumer items with Aboriginal symbolism in order to explore the definition of personal lineage, for this artist whose cultural roots include pop and Laich-kwil-tach heritage. His screenprints, drums, paintings and
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