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Canadian artists abroad: Thom Sokoloski in New York

Thom Sokoloski, The Encampment

October 5 – 7, 2007

Roosevelt Island, New York City

Thom Sokoloski, Confinement of the Intellect, Toronto 2006. Image: thomsokoloski.com

Canadian artist Thom Sokoloski, who created Confinement of the Intellect in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park for last year’s Nuit Blanche has evolved his project into The Encampment, a large-scale public participatory art installation on the South point of Roosevelt Island in New York’s East River over three nights.

View the making of Confinement of the Intellect:

Confinement of the Intellect was a piece made in homage to the mental health history of Queen Street West, in particular to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at the heart of Toronto’s main art district.

Like an archaeological dig, The Encampment unearths the collective memory of Roosevelt Island. One hundred white nineteenth-century expeditionary tents will be illuminated from within. This massive glowing grid will be not only be visible to those visiting the work, but to hundreds of thousands from Manhattan’s East Side, the Queensboro Bridge, Queens, and the East River.

View of Manhattan. Image: thomsokoloski.com

The Encampment invites the community to participate by creating installations in each tent that recount the lost narratives of the people once confined to the island. Between 1828 and 1955 Roosevelt Island was the site of a small pox hospital, lunatic asylum, workhouse, penitentiary and quarantine tents.

For Thom Sokoloski’s website and more information, please click HERE.

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