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VoCA recommends…2 in Montreal, one in Toronto

1. London Art Scene talk in Montreal

Iwan Wirth and Detmar Blow discussing not only the London art market but the need to raise the intellectual discourse of the London art scene. Image: blowdelabarra.com

Iwona Blazwick, Director of London’s Whitechapel Gallery, will give a talk at Societe des Arts Technologiques in Montreal on Saturday, November 24th at 3 pm.

The FREE talk, entitled The Acquired Inability to Escape (The Life and Times of the London Art Scene) is presented by DHC/ART Foundation.

For more information, please click HERE.

2. John Latour at Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain, Montreal

John Latour: Chimérique

November 10 – December 22, 2007

John Latour, Young woman in sweater and skirt smiling modestly, 2007. Image: pfoac.com

This exhibition of sculpture, text-based art and photography highlights three distinct but related bodies of work that reflect upon our tenuous links to the past.

John Latour, Sometimes I wish, 2007. Image: pfoac.com

The gallery will present concurrently Locus Horribilis, a collaborative artists’ project coordinated by Felicity Tayler and John Latour which is part of the Petite enveloppe urbaine series.

For more information, please click HERE

3. It’s Good Enough Here at Le Gallery, Toronto

Vid Ingelevics, Lisa Klapstock, Jimmy Limit, Lisa Stinner, and Michael Taglieri.

Vid Ingelevics, Woodpile #2A. Image: le-gallery.ca

November 9 – December 2, 2007

For more info, please click HERE

Five Canadian photo-based artists embrace and explore the contemporary landscape. From parking lots to wood piles, industrial and residential gardens, the images presented serve as a record of the current stature of
nature in industrialized areas.

Jimmy Limit, Sarah Smoke. Image: le-gallery.ca

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