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New York Times no fan of Scott McFarland

Scott McFarland, Orchard View, Early Spring; Rubus discolour, Prunus nigra, Prunus serrulata, 2004.
Image: monteclarkgallery.com

In her review of the New Photography 2007 exhibition at New York’s MoMA, the New York Times‘ Martha Schwendener had this to say about Vancouver artist Scott MacFarland’s work:

Mr. McFarland’s picture of a young family watching a keeper feed porcupines at the Berlin Zoo could be a (Jeff) Wall from around 1989 or a student facsimile. (It’s no surprise, then, to discover that Mr. McFarland once worked as Mr. Wall’s assistant.)

Mr. McFarland’s photographs of nature controlled by human beings — an orchard digitally manipulated to present all four seasons at once or a series merging different areas in a botanical garden — recall Thomas Struth.

Mr. McFarland’s aesthetic and techniques feel overly familiar and dated.

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