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VoCA says Happy Christmas & Happy Holidays

In the spirit of reflection over a year gone by so quickly…and despite our recognition of the overall futility of ‘Best Of’ lists, we have nonetheless gone ahead with VoCA’s Best of 2007, in the hopes that it may provide for some spirited discussion over the holidays:

BEST OF 2007

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Corpus, c. 1650 Image: cbc.ca

1. Bernini’s Corpus, donated by collector Murray Frum to the AGO, Toronto

2. The Aeroplan Grange Prize for contemporary photography announcement at the AGO, Toronto

3. The Invisible Landscape revealing our place in the world, MOCCA, Toronto

4. The opening of DHC Art Foundation, Montreal

5. Acting the Part: Photography as Theatre, National Gallery, Ottawa and touring

6. Huang Yong Ping’s controversial show, House of Oracles, at the VAG, Vancouver

7. Rirkrit Tiravanija’s exhibition, residency and talk – just his presence at OCAD, Toronto

8. Visualeyez festival of performance art in Edmonton

9. Altogether, Daniel Cockburn’s choreographed performance at AGYU, Toronto

10. Isabelle Hayeur and Eric Raymond, Tunnel Vision at TSV, Toronto

Isabelle Hayeur & Eric Raymond, Tunnel Vision, 2007. Image: trinitysqarevideo.com

11. Rainer Eisch’s installation, Nous serons-nous jamais rencontrés? at Quartier Ephemere, Montreal

12. Omer Fast’s Dogville at Plug in ICA, Winnipeg

13. The ViVA prize being awarded to Luanne Martineau, Vancouver

14. Shary Boyle’s exquisite figurines at the Power Plant, Toronto

15. Predators and Prey at Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation, Toronto

Luanne Martineau, Figure, 2006. Image: cbc.ca


1. BGL, artist collective, Quebec

2. The Arbour Lake School, artist collective, Calgary

3. Michel de Broin, artist, Montreal

4. Elizabeth McIntosh, artist, Vancouver

5. Mark Lewis, artist, London UK

6. Luis Jacob, artist, Toronto

7. Kelly Mark, artist, Toronto

8. Adad Hannah, artist, Montreal

9. David Altmejd, artist, Brooklyn/London

10. Wil Kucey, director, Le Gallery, Toronto

11. Sarah Anne Johnson, artist, Winnipeg

12. Jason Gringler, artist, New York

13. Louise Dery, curator at UQAM, Montreal

14. Fred Herzog, artist, Vancouver

15. Tim Lee, artist, Vancouver

One Response to “VoCA says Happy Christmas & Happy Holidays”

  1. Lizzo says:

    BGL totally rocks my world, and I couldn’t agree with VoCA more…

    Everytime I see one of their pieces, I love the way I’m forced through space while at the same time drifting around and peeking into corners. The green car at the ROM was plenty of fun – but the big installation at the NAtional Gallery in Ottawa was even more fun.

    Cheers VoCA, hope the tiny bubbles find you New Year’s Eve, you’ve earned them.

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