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VoCA predicts some art trends

VoCA predicts some trends. Look out for the following ten themes to break through in art in 2008:

1. INTERFACE DESIGN: David Rokeby, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Max Dean and others use computers and robotics in their art

Body Movies, Rafael Lozanno Hemmer
Body Movies, Relational Architecture No.6, by Rafael Lozano Hemmer

2. EXPERIENCE: Fear, exhiliration, taste. Gregor Schneider…the blurring of art with entertainment. Carsten Holler’s slides at Tate Modern

3. THE REAL WORLD AS BACKDROP: Michel de Broin’s car, Claes Oldenburg’s sculptures, Christo & Jeanne Claude’s Central Park Gates

Claes Oldenburg Poppy
Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Dropped Flower, 2006. Image: arttattler.com

4. THE MINI: Polaroids. like the Kertesz ones recently on view at Stephen Bulger Gallery, vintage photographs, drawings and small sculptures
Kertesz polaroid
Andre Kertesz – May 24, 1979. Image: aprilrenae.com

5. INNOVATIVE CURATING: Small galleries & window galleries like Convenience Gallery (Toronto), mixing art with furniture design, painted, wallpapered, graphics on walls. Art and design now appeal to the same consumer – witness ABMB and Design Miami

6. CONVOLUTED CONCEPTUALISM: Rodney Graham is the master, but Simon Starling, Geoffrey Farmer, Mark Wallinger and others follow suit by amazing the viewer with obscure, intertwined references

Rodney Graham Inverted Drip Painting
Rodney Graham, Inverted Drip Painting, 2007. Image: lissongallery.com

7. COLOUR & LIGHT: James Turrell, Terence Koh‘s lighting installation at the Whitney last year, Remix Color and Light at the Albright Knox in BuffaloKoh Light Low
Terence Koh’s untitled piece beams through the lobby of the Whitney. Image: nytimes.com

8. COLLECTIVISIM, SOCIAL ART: Where everyone is an artist, like at Paul Butler’s collage partiesPaul Butler's Collage Party
Paul Butler’s Collage Party, works in progress, 2006. Image: pfoac.com

9. MIRROR & VISUAL RAZZLE-DAZZLE: David Altmejd’s pavilion in Venice made it official – watch for sculpture involving taxidermy animals, crystals, glitter, clothing and other materials
David Altmejd's installation
Loup-garou 2, David Altmejd, 2000. Photo by Denis Farley/Andrea Rosen Gallery

10. LOCAL ART MARKETS – people will soon tire of the art fair circuit…circus (Miami/NewYork/London/Frankfurt/Dubai/Shanghai/Chicago/Mexico/Torino/Madrid anyone?) and focus on art closer to home

3 Responses to “VoCA predicts some art trends”

  1. Stevie Jakobsen says:

    this is fairly dim, a bit offensive. all these things exist already, so how is it a “prediction” exactly, and how will it “break through”?

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi Stevie, In what way is it offensive? VoCA looks around the artworld constantly..but, you know, point taken. They’ve all already ‘broken through’. The idea came from the fact that people always ask us what the current ‘art world trends’ are…So these are some things that we’ve noticed and think are particularly relevant right now..

  3. Marlena Fairbourne says:

    Art is one way people try to relate and rationalize their view of the world around them. I think the current mix of ideas circulating the art world are a direct reflection of peoples sense to the disconnection and dissatisfaction derived from established classical traditions which no longer speak the same language to the current rising generation..Everything is up for question. So you’re going to see a lot of continuing experimentation in peoples efforts to establish a format that speaks to the western mind

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