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Simon Starling at the Power Plant, Toronto

Simon Starling: Cuttings (Supplement) at the Power Plant, Toronto

March 1 – 11 May, 2008

Simon Starling, Infestation Piece (Musselled Moore), 2007/8. Image: thepowerplant.org

The Power Plant will open a retrospective of British conceptual artist Simon Starling with a newly commissioned work made for The Power Plant, part of the gallery’s Commissioning Program launched in 2006.

The gallery will also feature the installation Play Pause by American video artist Sadie Benning (a cofounder of the band Le Tigre), a work which The Village Voice cited as one the Top Ten Experimental Films of 2007.

The Simon Starling Commission was initiated by Reid Shier, former Curator of The Power Plant, who is now at Presentation House Gallery in Vancouver. Click HERE.

Simon Starling, Island for Weeds (Prototype), 2003.
Image: Courtesy of The Modern Institute, Glasgow.

Starling told VoCA: “As usual the project developed out of a combination of previous projects and then chance conversations, small pockets of knowledge etc. It was also very important that Reid Shier, the curator of the commission, had an understanding of my work and could open up certain things to me that I perhaps wouldn’t have been aware of. He was a key figure at the beginning.”


Read more on the commission and on the upcoming exhibiiton at the Power Plant’s website HERE.

To read my corresponding news piece on ARTNET.COM, please click HERE.

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  1. Dr Lee, PhD says:

    Still looking forward to your YouTube channel one day…

  2. Andrea says:

    I’m working on it! Stay tuned…

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