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VoCA Recommends…Exhibitions in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal

1. David Rokeby: Plots Against Time at Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto

March 1 – 26 April, 2008

David Rokeby, Machine for Taking Time (Boul. Saint-Laurent), 2007. Image: courtesy the artist

New media artist (and VoCA favorite) David Rokeby is showing new work at Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto.

Machine for Taking Time will be familiar to those who saw it at Rokeby’s solo show at Oakville Galleries several years ago. This piece is part two in the series, in which video cameras survey territory and build up a catalogue of images over time. The final result plays back a poetic series of similar but beautifully disjointed images.

Also on view are new works from the ongoing series Plots Against Time. They are “attempts to visualize the extended present” – that is, duration.

Over the past year, Rokeby has shown work at the Ontario Science Centre, the Whitney Museum, New York, the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, FACT in Liverpool, the Museee des Beaux Arts de Montreal, the Fondation Daniel Langlois. Busy guy!

And he currently has a retrospective at the Art Gallery of Windsor. Click HERE.

Rokeby is represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery. Please click HERE

2. Michael Drebert: Available Light at Artspeak, Vancouver

March 7th to March 14th, 2008

Michael Drebert, Wood Stove, 2004. Image: helenpittgallery.org

Michael Drebert investigates quotidian actions and objects through subtle gestures of hope and sabotage.

“I am interested… in the radical potential of performative gestures as an agent for cultural investigation and positive change…” says the artist.

In early March, Artspeak will publicly disseminate a poster for Drebert’s new work Available Light. The poster states that between the dates of March 7 and March 14, the artist will use the available light in Vancouver to try to start a fire.

Will he succeed…?

Please click HERE for Artspeak’s website.
3. Dil Hildebrand & Isabelle Hayeur at PFOAC, Montreal

March 1 to April 5, 2008

Dil Hildebrand, untitled (dusk), 2008. Image: pfoac.com

Long Drop: A Hanging, Dil Hildebrand’s MFA thesis exhibition showcases his conflation of painting with photography. Hildebrand’s experience with theatrical set design permeates his work.

Vertige and Si Jamais la Mer, two videos by VoCA favorite Isabelle Hayeur are on view as well. Si Jamais la Mer presents an ongoing series of mirages, as the shore blends elegantly into the desert.

Isabelle Hayeur, Si Jamais La Mer, 1998. Image: isabelle-hayeur.com

For the Pierre Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain website, please click HERE.

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