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The death of art criticism…again

The Guardian digs up the seemingly never-ending debate over the death of art criticism:

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Raoul Hausmann, The Art Critic, 1919-1920. Image: cti.itc.virginia.edu

The Guardian Art Blog picks up the story with readers comments:

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3 Responses to “The death of art criticism…again”

  1. If art criticism doesn’t stop dying soon, we’re gonna have a right messy zombie on our hands. As it is, I’d rather bypass the cynical ire being dished out over at the Guardian Art Blog and focus in on Searle’s concluding thoughts on the outwardly-thinking role of the critic:

    “The act of writing shows me what I think. I never know where things are going till I get there. There is an element of fiction and invention even in criticism. Being a critic has its performative side.”

    As both an artist and a writer, the role of the critic as one who simply engages in the reception of work – outwith any notions of money or power – seems the one worth preserving. Perhaps if people stopped insisting that the critic act as some higher power in this artist-world relation, we could have a bit less of the bitter corpse-kicking and a bit more actual talk about art instead.

  2. Andrea says:

    I agree with Searle that – in a major art market – critics may become power-hungry, but that it isn’t really about that at all. It’s about creating a dialogue, I think, around art.

    After all, often it’s only 30 years or so later that it all becomes REALLY clear.

  3. sam says:

    The ‘crisis’ sounds like whining to me. The only thing art critics have lost is their stranglehold on art value, and I say Good riddance! The Art-Market has finally caught up to the free-market and artists can finally make a living as culturally appreciated craftspeople again. The critic as appraiser is an elitist relic and is totally incompatible with the global democratic marketplace. I don’t want to see people stop writing about art – but art critics need to realize that their role is that of a journalist – and they should have nothing to do with which artist can make a living and which artist becomes a superstar – that is for the market and the people to decide.

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