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Art fought the law, and Art won

Canada’s rising art star Michel de Broin (who VoCA spoke to HERE) has won his appeal against the city, which issued driver Dean Baldwin a ticket for operating an unsafe vehicle.

Michel de Broin’s Shared Propulsion Car, 2005. Image: micheldebroin.org

Baldwin was driving de Broins’ Shared Propulsion Car, a pedal-powered Buick, while it was on exhibit at Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art in Toronto several months ago.

Artist Dean Baldwin in court. Image: mercerunionhall.blogspot.com

Read the Toronto Star’s news article HERE.

For more images and info, check out Mercer Union’s blog HERE.

2 Responses to “Art fought the law, and Art won”

  1. red-handed says:

    The city looks like one of those old cartoons where the bad guys wear big arm bands.

  2. Bill says:

    In a world in which art only seems to register with the mainstream media when it sells for huge amounts of money at auction, it’s great to see something as simple as a pedal car cause a bit of a stir. Good on ya, Mercer and Mr. de Broin!

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