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Loved: Massive Party

Has the AGO done it? Is Massive Party Toronto’s best contemporary art fundraiser?

Image: coachella.com

VoCA reserves judgment until this May’s Power Ball…but going on past experience, the Power Plant is (yet again) facing stiff competition. Thursday night’s Massive Party – 1500 guests strong – was quite the do, despite the dreary djs.

Here’s what made it great:

THE VENUE. Muzik is a no-brainer. A big dancefloor surrounded by bars, lounge areas and installation spaces for art ensured a strong flow of people and no bottlenecks.

THE CROWD. About a 60 – 40 corporate/art mix. The corporate crowd get their share of artists and the art crowd get to hang out with people they don’t see every other day of the week.

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borin’s piece Event Horizon from Nuit Blanche Toronto 2007.
Image: marmco.com

THE ART. It’s not necessarily super sophisticated – though Jon Sasaki’s confetti clean up installation was excellent (and Sisyphean) – but everyone loved it. Some of Toronto’s hottest names were there: Derek Sullivan’s exploding confetti fountain, Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins’ flashing BLING at the entrance, not to mention some pretty scary lady cops.

Derek Sullivan, Untitled (Amnesiac Series), 2004-5. Image: jessicabradleyartprojects.com

VoCA met a middle-aged corporate guy who was completely enamored with the ‘inside the artist’s studio’ vibe provided by Thrush Holmes. “We’ve been watching him paint for fifteen minutes…” he gushed.

THE BAND. Even if Sebastien Grainger et Les Montagnes weren’t your cup of tea (but they were, weren’t they?) they weren’t on too long and there was plenty else to do.

Sebastien Grainger et Les Montagnes. Image: jenny from the bloc party/myspace

THE WAY THE NIGHT UNFOLDED. People arrived, got to walk around the space, check out the artworks, talk to people, have a drink. Then the band came on. Then the dj…

THE FOOD & DRINK. Decent (read: not too witty) hors d’oeuvres and champagne (so rare in Toronto!) are always a winner.

The only sour note was when a waiter walked off with our handbag. We caught him, though…

Last year’s Power Ball was dreadful. Let’s hope they can figure out how to raise their game. They’re off to a good start – they had scouts at Massive. It’s on May 22nd and it’s theme is Decadance – (tagline, we’re told, is The Original Contemporary Art Party)

Stay tuned….

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  1. Truthteller says:

    they should call it the power hungry ball as its fullof power hungry wannabes and that reporter shinan govani starts to sound like a sucker for golden ass … read rich people

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