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Is Quebec the new Vancouver?

Between Quebec City and Montreal, La Belle Province’s cozy little art scene is where it’s happening.

Here’s only a partial glimpse of what’s on:


BGL – They’re about to launch a project on the lower Don river in Toronto for No. 9 (Stay tuned for VoCA’s report early next week) Click HERE for their website.

The installation of BGL’s Toronto project. Image: courtesy Catherine Dean


YANNICK POULIOT: This hotshot young Quebec artist’s exhibition recently drew rave reviews at MACM.
See VoCA’s previous post HEREView

JEAN-MARC MATHIER LAJOIE: Another Quebec artist to watch. He has been examining modes of visual organization through the use of puzzles for the past 25 years. Click HERE

A work by Lajoie. Iamge: galleryconnexion.ca

SYLVIE LALIBERTE: Perhaps not so emerging, but she’s one of VoCA’s favorite artists.

Sylvie Laliberte. Image: electriques.ca


MICHEL DE BROIN: Sobey Award winner! Click HERE

ADAD HANNAH: His installations are almost always critically acclaimed. Click HERE

PASCAL GRANDMAISON: He’s one of the most talked-about amongst museum curators. Click HERE

…and many more.

Adad Hannah’s video, Burghers of Seoul. Image: labrigitte.com


PAVILLION PROJECTS: One of Montreal’s hottest independent art project spaces.

Click HERE


Two of Canada’s best commercial galleries are in Montreal:

Galerie Rene Blouin and Pierre Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain

Pascal Grandmaison, I SEE YOU IN REVERSE, production still, 2007.I
mage: pascalgrandmaison.com


– The Darling Foundry Visual Arts Centre is working on Phase II.

The green wall outside Quartier Ephemere, by Jean-Paul Ganem with Catalyse Urbaine.
Image: catalyseurbaine.com


CLUNY ARTBAR: A hip, arty hangout at the side of the Darling Foundry. Click HERE.


DHC ART: Continuing with international calibre exhibitions, the next show – running from July 11 – 19 October, 2008 – is the French artist Sophie Calle.

Sophie Calle, Prenez soin de vous, 2007 Image: mikael-cabon.com

Titled Prenez soin de vous, this is the exhibition originally produced for the Frnech pavilion at last year’s Venice Biennale. It centers around a break-up e-mail that the artist received from a lover.

VoCA saw it, and loved it.

For more info, please click HERE.


LOUISE DERY: The curator extraordinaire who consistently puts up great exhibitions at the Galerie de’ L’UQAM, and took David Altmejd to Venice last year.

Louise Dery. Image: museums.ca


CCA: VoCA’s favorite Canadian cultural institution, bar none. Upcoming exhibitions include Some Ideas on Living in London and Tokyo by Stephen Taylor and Ryue Nishizawa, which addresses the challenges of building homes in existing city environments and Will Alsop: OCAD, An Urban Manifesto, if you’ve ever wondered how the flying licorice Allsort came into being.

The CCA’s inner courtyard. Image: driversofchange.com


IKT CONFERENCE: The first overseas Congress for the International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art. Curators from around the world will be checking the city’s art scene out at the end of May. What a fantastic opportunity for Montreal! We’re sure the city won’t disappoint.


ESSE ARTS + OPNIONS: Though it’s been around since 1984, Esse seems now to be hitting it’s stride, focusing as it does on “the visual arts, performance, video and independent filmmaking, contemporary music and dance, experimental theatre and on various forms of social, site-specific and performative interventions.”

An Esse cover. Image: sat.qc.ca


SOCIETE SAT: Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a transdisciplinary centre dedicated to research, creation, production, presentation, education and conservation in the field of digital culture.

Please click HERE for more info.

2 Responses to “Is Quebec the new Vancouver?”

  1. LZG says:

    Thanks for dusting off Qc and showing the bright and beautiful! There’s something also between Quebec and Montreal, in North Hatley (home of one the rare Canadian Relais & Châteaux) called “Gilly Gooly”, a converted barn that exhibits contemporary art. It runs in the summertime.

  2. Andrea says:

    That sounds really interesting! We will check it out…thanks

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