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A collector: Harald Falckenberg

“Art originates out of a diversity of opinions. The gallery owners are biased. And that’s why they are bad witnesses from the start. Also the art collector is biased. Because he defends his own preferences. And thus he is a bad witness. Art is rather determined by neutral positions. From critics, from museums, from curators. These are the people that matter first and foremost when you evaluate art.”

-Harald Falckenberg, art collector, Hamburg

In related news, the RBC Painting Competition has just announced its 2008 jury panel:

-3 artists: Pierre Dorion, James Lahey, Neil Campbell
-4 curators: James Baird, Louise Dery, David Liss, Kitty Scott
-2 gallerists: Jessica Bradley, Monte Clark

Who is Harald Falckenberg?

Collector Harald Falckenberg. Image: artona.de

Harald Falckenberg was born in 1943 and is President of the Hamburg Kunstverein. He read law at Freibourg, Berlin and Hambur, from where he graduated as a doctor in law. Since 1979 he has been Managing Director of a company in the oil sector. He is also an Honorary Judge at the Hamburg Constitutional Court.

He is one of Germany’s most important private collectors.
Over some ten years, Falckenberg has put together a collection of some 3,000 works spanning the 1960s to the present day, in a 4,000 square-metre disused factory on the outskirts of Hamburg. The main of the collection gathers significant artwork ensembles for a same artist, which are constantly being expanded with no restrictions as to the chosen materials, media or formats. Through his choice of powerful, provocative and political works, Harald Falckenberg has become an established name at the forefront of Hamburg’s institutional and artistic scene, which he has considerably influenced and revived.

The scope and ambition of his collection ranks him among the leading international art collectors.

The works in the Harald Falckenberg collection, which is as much an archive as a laboratory, tackle the question of identity in a subversive and provocative way. The collection includes seminal work by Martin Kippenberger, Paul McCarthy, Dieter Roth, Mike Kelly and Jonathan Meese.

Check out this great video interview with Messe, which is in German, but is interesting for the almost maniacal passion for art that is evident in his eyes:


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