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NEWS: Vancouver opens First Nations museum

The late Haida artist Bill Reid received the Order of British Columbia. Image: protocol.gov.bc.ca

In Canada, the first time the work of contemporary indigenous artists made it into an art context was in 1965-67 when Doris Shadbolt, at the Vancouver Art Gallery, organized the groundbreaking exhibition, Arts of the Raven: Master Works of the Northwest.

Since then, the work of first nations artists have faced an uphill battle for inclusion in the country’s art galleries.

The opening of the Bill Reid Gallery for Northwest Coast Art (named after the famous Haida artist) is a sign of how the relationship between the art world and first nations artists has changed.

Bill Reid, The Raven and the First Men. Image: virtualmuseum.ca

Read the full article from the Vancouver Sun HERE

For more on Bill Reid, please click HERE.

6 Responses to “NEWS: Vancouver opens First Nations museum”

  1. Another wonderful addition to the cultural heritage in Vancouver. More exhibitions like these should be opened with focus on the 2010 Olympics. This way, not only more tourists could be attracted, but also Canandians could learn more about the native art.

  2. Craig says:

    Oh, it’s so nice to read mention of the late Doris Shadbolt. Andrea, have you ever considered doing a piece on Doris? She really was quite a maverick and so important to the development of Canada’s visual arts scene.

  3. Andrea says:

    Hmm..I’ll keep her in mind for an Underrated Canadian Artist..Thanks!

  4. Underrated Canadian Artist?

  5. Cindy says:

    Have you ever heard of an artist by the name of D.Armstrong who drew Haida art in 1965?
    Any info. on this artist would be appreciated.

  6. Ol says:

    And his legacies include infusing that tradition with modern ideas and forms of expression, influencing emerging artists, and building lasting bridges between First Nations and other people.

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