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The Eight Most Influential People in Canadian Art Today?

Our 2nd annual Most Influential People in the Canadian Art World:

Click HERE for last year’s list.

1. Phoebe Greenberg, Founder, DHC Art Foundation, Montreal.

Phoebe Greenberg. Image: ledevoir.com

For bringing internationally relevant shows to Canada. Next is Sophie Calle’s installation from the last Venice Biennale.

More HERE.

2. Tim Lee, artist, Vancouver.

Tim Lee, The Jerk, Carl Reiner, 1979. Image: coolhunting.com

His career is exploding. He causes controversy in Vancouver but shows with Cohan and Leslie in New York and London’s Lisson Gallery.

3. MaryAnn Camilleri, Founder, Magenta publishing.

MaryAnn Camilleri. Image: phsc.ca

Bringing Canadian art to the world (and the rest of Canada) with gorgeous, glossy books is no easy feat. And there’s TV on the rise, too.

More HERE.

4. Vancouver collector Bob Rennie.

Bob Rennie. Image: rennie.com

For opening up his own private museum. A controversial move, but we say Right On.

5. Louise Dery, Curator, UQAM, Montreal.

Louise Dery. Image: uqam.ca

For taking David Altmejd to the Venice Biennale and for being one of the smartest, most positive curatorial voices in the country.

More HERE.

6. Partners in Art, Toronto.

Partners in Art in action. Image: partnersinart.ca

A Toronto-based group responsible for increasing much-needed independent support of the visual arts with energy and innovation.

More info HERE.

7. Gian Gomeshi, Host, Q, cbc radio.

Q host Gian Gomeshi. Image: cbc.ca

Despite giving us the feeling that he’d prefer to be interviewing a musician, he manages to hook relevant artists – Simon Starling, Shary Boyle – on his popular radio show Q. And it’s the CBC.

Check out the podcasts HERE.

9. Matthew Tietelbaum, Director, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

Matthew Tietelbaum. Image: flickr.com

Massive Party, the gallery’s annual fundraiser, was a hit again this year and with a new building shaping up to look pretty gorgeous, and recent donations of cutting-edge art (David Altmejd’s glittering Venice installation!), things are finally looking up.

8 Responses to “The Eight Most Influential People in Canadian Art Today?”

  1. Interesting selection of people, never expected to see Gian Gomeshi on the list! Glad to see Magenta made the cut.

  2. Andrea says:

    I would rather not have included him, actually. I enjoy his
    show but I have my reservations about his artist interviews…But the cbc gets such a huge audience, there’s no doubt he’s influential in terms of exposure.

  3. jennifer says:

    I really like this list! Some expected/unexpected surprises.

  4. Wil says:

    No Dealers?
    We need to step it up.

  5. George Dunbar says:

    I was disappointed to find that the photos on your Web page are not credited to photographers.
    The “image:” credits are mostly to non-humans such as phsc.ca, cbc.com and flickr.com.
    Perhaps the photographers would appreciate it if their names were mentioned.
    This is an unfortunate oversight which one does not expect from an “arts” organization.
    I hope you will accept this as constructive criticism.

    Sincerely, George

  6. Andrea says:

    Hi Wil,

    I know it’s odd, given how influential American and British dealers are…Catriona Jeffries made the list last year and if there had been space, she would have made it again..

  7. Andrea says:

    It has been VoCA’s policy from the beginning to credit the source of our images – the website that we get them from (which many blogs do not, incidentally.)

    But it often isn’t practical, or possible to credit the actual photographers, unless they are the fine artists who made the artwork on display.

  8. Hrag says:

    Interesting list…didn’t know many of them.

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