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Dennis Oppenheim’s sculpture, Device to Root out Evil moves to Calgary from Vancouver.

Dennis Oppenheim, Device to Root out Evil. Image: metamedia.stanford.edu

Originally celebrated by the Vancouver Sculpture Biennale and arguably the most valuable piece of public art in Vancouver, Oppenheim’s compelling 22-foot glass, steel and aluminum structure became more than the Vancouver Public Parks Committee could handle.

Thankfully, Calgary’s Glenbow Museum has stepped in.

John Bromley, Vice President of the Benefic Group said “There is no doubt this is a real loss that will hopefully stimulate reflection and review. But Vancouver’s loss is a big win for Calgary, for Glenbow and for the artist to be recognized in another Canadian city.”

The sculpture is scheduled to be dismantled and transported to Calgary, Alberta next week. The details of its installation in Calgary will be announced at a later date.


An exhibition by the Cree artist Kent Monkman, in the guise of his playful alter ego Miss Chief Eagle Testickle, will run at the Winnipeg Art Gallery from June 5 to 17 August, 2008.

Kent Monkman, The Trapper’s Bride, 2006. Image: wag.mb.ca

The exhibition, titled Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief, will showcase work including painting, video and film, photography, sculpture, installation and performance. Monkman draws inspiration from the histories depicted in 19th Century art, including photography and Romantic painting, colonial portrayals of Aboriginal peoples and cinematic genres such as classic Hollywood westerns.

Monkman will transform the gallery space into Miss Chief’s Tipi Camp that will include two tipis as well as new and recent paintings and films on loan from major public and private collections.

Artist Talk: Saturday, June 7 at 2pm. Free with Gallery admission.

For more information on Kent Monkman, please click HERE.


“Winnipeg. Winnipeg. Winnipeg. Snowy, sleepwalking Winnipeg. My home for my entire life. My entire life.”
-Guy Maddin

A still from Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg. Image: cbc.ca.

The Images Festival and Maximum Films present a ONE NIGHT ONLY live performance of:

a “docu-fantasia” by Guy Maddin
(2007, Canada, 35mm, 80 minutes)

Thursday 19 June 2008 (8 PM screening)
The Royal, 608 College Street, Toronto

It’s quite a feat to move back into your childhood home, bring your 89-year-old mother with you to re-enact scenes from 1963 and then mix that personal drama with “pithy gripes about how (your) city hasn’t taken care of its past, and has given little regard to its future.” This is exactly what Guy Maddin has done with My Winnipeg.

Sure to be mad, interminably long and almost entirely nonsensical, we’re going and we highly recommend you check it out too.

Click HERE to watch the trailer.

Click HERE to read a review of the film.

3 Responses to “News, Views and Previews”

  1. My Winnipeg looks both hilarious and bizarre, thanks for sharing, I hope to see it.

    You may also like a little known film called When Ponds Freeze Over by Newfoundland filmmaker Mary Lewis. It was made back in 1998 and is a patchwork of animation, home video footage, and reconstructed stories depictiing several generations of her family.

  2. Bill says:

    I must admit that I don’t get the brou-ha-ha around Kent Monkman. His paintings are beautifully done and are a pleasure to look at (no argument there), but it’s like a combination of Tom of Finland and Paul Kane in which the homoerotic camp value overshadows any serious consideration of Native Americans’ experience. It’s the antithesis of, say, Annie Pootoogook’s work, which, in its deceptive simplicity, often prompts an emotional response in me that sticks. Someone please convince me that I’m wrong about this. I do want to believe that there’s more going on here.

  3. Andrea says:

    I won’t be the one to convince you, I’m afraid!

    It is what it is…

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