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Thomas Hirschhorn: “Energy Yes, Quality No!”

Following on from VoCA’s diatribe on the monumental last week – see posting HERE, we’ve found a little clip of Swiss artist (and VoCA favorite) Thomas Hirschhorn expounding on what he believes art to be.

Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn. Image: unipublic.unizh.ch

He obviously believes in the importance of art and treates it with a profound sense of gravity that comes across in his demeanour.

It’s a short clip – check it out HERE.

Hirschhorn recently showed his installation Hotel Democracy at Art Basel after a self-imposed exile from exhibiting in his home country for “political reasons”. Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge it.

Thomas Hirschhorn, Hotel Democracy, 2003. Image: art.ch

Thomas Hirschhorn is represented by Stephen Friedman Gallery – click HERE.

5 Responses to “Thomas Hirschhorn: “Energy Yes, Quality No!””

  1. Amrita says:

    Great clip, thanks for sharing. I agree with Hirschhorn, and note that he is with a commercial gallery, no?

  2. Andrea says:

    Yes, definitely..

  3. Phil Taylor says:

    In the clip, Hirschorn says that he sometimes feels stupid or ridiculous when facing his own art.
    I for one am not inclined to dissuade him from his opinion of himself.
    As for ‘energy yes, quality no’.
    I prefer, energy yes, quality yes.

  4. Stevie Jakobsen says:

    he forgot to say “I think it is important as an artist to carry around large wads of cash”

  5. Andrea says:

    “The most important activity that an art work can provoke is the activity of thinking.” – Thomas Hirschhorn

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