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VoCA Recommends…Toronto exhibitions

In addition to the Power Plant’s summer exhibition, Not Quite How I Remember It, featuring work by Gerald Byrne, Diane Borsato and Nestor Kruger, VoCA recommends Object Factory at the Gardiner Museum, which features ceramics by the likes of VoCA favorites Cindy Sherman and the late, great Ettore Sottsass (see previous post HERE.)

Cindy Sherman, Madame de Pompadour (née Poisson) Soup Tureen, 1990. Image: mintwiki.pbwiki.com

For the Power Plant, please click HERE and for the Gardiner museum, click HERE.

We also recommend checking out one of Toronto’s best new galleries, MKG 127.

Art gallerist Michael Klein appears to have an uncanny knack for hunting down intriguing programming and excellent artists like Sara Graham and Dave Dyment.


June 26 – 26 July, 2008.

MKG 127, Toronto

An Te Liu, No Molestar, 2006. Cotton T-shirts. Image: anteliu.com

Berlin-based Toronto artist An Te Liu presents a photographic series in which mass produced, ready-to-assemble furniture, are reinterpreted through processes of mis-assembly and chance construction.

According to the press release “These scraps from our domestic consumer culture conjure the memory of visionary-utopian artistic and architectural experiments from the last century, inviting rumination on the fate of previous vanguards and their aspirations for shaping modern life.

An Te Liu will present Cloud, a new large scale installation for the Venice Biennale of International Architecture, and will have a solo exhibition in Berlin at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, accompanied by a full color catalog on his work.

For his website, please click HERE

For MKG 127 website, please click HERE

Dusseldorf Redux

June 26 – August 9

Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

Didier Courbot, Untitled, 2004. Coloured paper, cut from 6 sheets of A4. Image: susanhobbs.com

Susan Hobbs, an admirable out-of-the-box thinker (if you recall her installation at the now-dead TAAFI art fair at the Drake Hotel in 2005, where she displayed art objects disguised as real life objects, so that you weren’t sure where the art was) has come up with a neat premise for this group exhibition of young gallery artists.

From the release: “Plans and production were well under way when the organizers of Düsseldorf Contemporary (art fair) cancelled the fair, which was to be held in April 2008. What to do? Recreate our booth in the gallery as our summer show.”

The exhibition features work by Donovan Barrow, Krista Buecking, Didier Courbot, Patrick Howlett, Axel Lieber, Scott Lyall, Laura Vandenburgh and Kevin Yates.

Please click HERE for the gallery website.

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