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VoCA loves…Quebec (Part One)

The Quebec art scene is ON FIRE.

La Belle Province is home to the country’s most exciting artists, many of which are included in the excellent Quebec Triennale at the MAC in Montreal.

Montreal also hosted the recent IKT (International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art) congress in May, which brought international curatorial eyes to the city thanks to Chantal Pontbriand of Parachute.

One of Canada’s best new galleries, the DHC Art Foundation, continues to make waves with their programming –Feist is playing the opening of Sophie Calle’s solo exhibition later this week.

Canadian chanteuse Leslie Feist. Image: rcrdlbl.com

The MMFA has co-organized the superb YSL retrospective and with the always excellent Canadian Centre for Architecture and the city’s many galleries, there is no doubt that Quebec and Montreal in particular, is the hottest place in contemporary Canadian art right now.

Here are a few of VoCA’s discoveries:


June 19 – 31 August, 2008

Maison de la culture de Villeray, Montreal

Image: agac.qc.ca

An exhibition organized by the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries (L’association des galleries d’art contemporain) of a selection of works for a new collection.

Works by twenty artists come together in this exhibition, drawn from member galleries including VoCA favorites Donald Browne, PFOAC and Projex-Mtl – click HERE for the full list.

The exhibition is comprised of works in different media that have been chosen as possible first works in a new collection. There will be a round table discussion to accompany the exhibition, where artists and collectors will discuss the passion that drives their discovery and purchase of contemporary art – in particular contemporary Quebec art. A free guide has also been published, which aims to answer all the questions that a new art collector may have.

Round table discussion: Thursday, July 3, 2008

The exhibition features established artists as well as emerging: Lawrence Beck, Evergon, Jerome Fortin, Pierre Lefebvre, Dominique Paul and others.

For more info, please click HERE.


June 12 – 26 July, 2008


Yves Tessier, Bungalow, 2008. Image: projex-mtl.com

Every time VoCA goes into Projex-Mtl, we want to buy something, and that doesn’t happen to us very often.

Run by Andre Laroche and Louis Joncas, the gallery has been open a year, and is right next door to PFOAC in the Belgo Building. They are quickly making a name for themselves as conscientious dealers who show strong work. The best work in the new show is by Yves Tessier, whose miniature paintings of Asian women recall European comic illustrations, but also evoke David Hockney’s Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy and Odaslisques.

David Hockney, Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, 1970-71. Image: j9marshall.files.wordpress.com

Please click HERE for Projex-Mtl website


17 May – 5 July 2008

Pierre Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain

Adad Hannah, A Moment of Reflection, 2008. Image: pfoac.com

Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas, 1656. Image: english.stir.ac.uk

Although his works in the Triennale were stronger, we continue to enjoy Hannah’s experiments within the place that he’s carved out for himself. He’s using art history to create a new space for the viewer, no easy task in today’s overcrowded art world. His relationship to Las Meninas is to interact with Velazquez’s gaze and the mirror in the painting, exploiting his interest in twinship and new media to bring the work into the present moment.

For Pierre Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain, please click HERE.


May 29 – 28 September, 2008

Montreal Museum of Fine Art

Love YSL. Image: sybrarites.org

This exhibition was by far the best exhibit we’ve seen in Canada since….well, since Ydessa’s last show. Impeccably curated, the exhibition design was a marvel to behold. A great thing was to see the ‘tribute’ pieces made by a selection of Quebec designers that lined the steps leading into the exhibition. It’s admirable how Quebec finds every opportunity to celebrate their own talent.


The exhibition itself was masterwork after masterwork. If there were ever any doubt about fashion belonging in a museum…there should no longer be. YSL was the best of the best. The wit and elegance, the attention to detail in the cut, combined with the fantastic costume jewels, the luxury fabrics and the couture passementrie make each garment truly a wonder to behold. It’s impossible to over-emphasize YSL’s relevance to the history of 20th century fashion.

Please click HERE for more on YSL and HERE for the MMFA’s website.

Coming up on VoCA: Massimo Guererra at Quartier Ephemere and a comprehensive review of the Quebec Triennale!

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  1. Cat says:

    Having studied the David Hockney portrait in great depth at college, I look at it through very different eyes many years later …

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