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An Art Advisor and an Art Underwriter

“Art advisory is almost like a concierge service for big collectors: sourcing works of art and suggesting what to buy and then, when to sell; bidding at auction on their behalf; advice on framing and restoration; helping clients who have agreed to loan items to a museum or gallery and completing all the paperwork that goes with that,” says Helen Macintyre, art advisor.

“Another part of my work is advising hedge funds, banks and corporations that are keen to invest in the art market, whether they have £1 million or £50 million to spend…”

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Robert Korzinek, fine art underwriter, describes his job: “I evaluate risk in the art market. It might be risk related to a private collection or underwriting insurance for major touring exhibitions or for art dealers, auctioneers and art advisers. Generally you are dealing with unforeseen circumstances that could give rise to a loss. For example, the chance of a painting being damaged in transit; or the chance of legal action being taken against an art dealer if a work of art is found not to be authentic.”

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