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Nuit Blanche Toronto: Critic’s Picks (Part Two) Kelly Mark, Steve Heimbecker, Yusuf & Stephan

Zone B at this year’s Nuit Blanche Toronto extends from Queen Street down to the Lakeshore, from Simcoe Street in the West end and Church Street in the East.

Wayne Baerwaldt, director and curator at the Illingsworth Kerr Gallery at the Alberta College of Art and Design, will curate the zone and he has proposed a series of performative events and installations that will “skewer audience expectations by blurring the line between artist/performer and audience member.”

Here are VoCA’s top three must-sees for this zone:

1. Horroridor, 2008 by Kelly Mark

“In a nightmare, you can’t change the channel.”

Kelly Mark, REM (video installation), 2007. Image: ireallyshould.com

Prepare to be disturbed. A long corridor installed under Union Station filled with videos of hundreds of people screaming. A nice allegory to how you probably feel every day if you’re a commuter.

Visit Kelly Mark’s excellent website HERE.

2. Turbulence Sound Matrix: Signe, 2008 by Steve Heimbecker

Steve Heimbecker, Turbulence Sound Matrix, 2008. Image: Camil Scoteanu, Conception Lévy.

This sound piece uses wave patterns of the wind to make sound patters through it’s 64-channel array of speakers. Should be fantastic…let’s hope for a windy night!

More on Steve Heimbecker right HERE.

3. r u part of the art?, 2008 by Farah Yusuf & Alex Stephan

Image: toronto.ca

This participatory piece requires that you subscribe to mobile text alerts beforehand. Then, throughout the night, you follow the instructions sent to you on your mobile phone, becoming the artist, viewer and even the artwork itself.

For more on cell phone art, please click HERE.

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