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Montreal: MACM Purchases Work by Hot Canadian Artists

The Musée d’art contemporain, with the generous support of its Foundation, has purchased 37 works by 24 artists participating in The Québec Triennial.

Additionally, many of the pieces are currently on loan pending eventual gifts, while others are in the process of being purchased.

Please note the names of the following artists as ones to watch:

-David Altmejd – click HERE

David Altmejd, Le Berger, 2008. Image: canadianart.ca

-Gwenaël Bélanger – click HERE

-Valérie Blass – click HERE

-Anthony Burnham – click HERE

-Patrick Coutu – click HERE

-Michel de Broin – click HERE

Michel de Broin, Black Whole Conference, 2006, sculpture

-Raphaëlle de Groot – click HERE

-Manon De Pauw – click HERE

Manon De Pauw, Fantasmagorie lumineuse, 2008, video installation

-Stéphane Gilot – click HERE

-Adad Hannah – click HERE

-Isabelle Hayeur – click HERE

-Bettina Hoffman – click HERE

-Emanuel Licha – click HERE

Emanuel Licha, War Tourist in Sarajevo, 2004-05. Image: emanuel-licha.com

-Tricia Middleton – click HERE

-Jonathan Plante – click HERE

-David Ross

-Chih-Chien Wang – click HERE

-Etienne Zack – click HERE

The Quebec Triennale runs through the summer until September 7, 2008.

Click HERE for more info.

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