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News: Town Hall Meeting in Toronto Regarding Cuts to Cultural and Heritage grants

Fuse magazine editor Izida Zorde and publisher Heather Haynes (of Toronto Free Gallery) are organizing a Town Hall meeting in Toronto to address the recent and upcoming budget cuts to the arts.


Who should come? Everyone concerned about the Federal Government’s blatant contempt for arts and culture.

Who will be speaking? Representatives from Government, visual arts, film, video, performing arts

What will we be doing? Strategizing on how to get our voices heard in the next election

Why is this important? Because the wave of cuts and policy changes are radically changing Canadian society.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 3, 2008 at 7pm.

The Theatre Centre
1087 Queen Street West, (South East Corner of Queen and Dovercourt)

Since taking power in 2006, the Conservative Government has eliminated over $34 Million from Cultural and Heritage Granting Programs. The programs affected were designed to assist artists, arts institutions and not for profit charitable organizations in the creation, development, promotion and dissemination of Canadian art both nationally and internationally.

The most recent cuts:
• The PromArt Program, 4.7 million (administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs)
• Trade Routes, 9 million, Department of Canadian Heritage
• Stabilization Projects and Capacity Building, of the Canadian Arts and Heritage Sustainability Program
• Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, 1.5 million
• National Training Program in the Film and Video Sector, 2.5 million
• $300,000 to the Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada, for programs archiving important film, television and musical recordings.

With the anticipation of more cuts to be announced next week, we are inviting members of the arts and the broader community, MPs and the media to attend a town hall meeting. This meeting is intended to discuss the funding cuts, the ideological and inappropriate comments made by government about recipients and to brainstorm a plan of action.

For more information or media inquiries contact: info@fusemagazine.org, info@thetheatrecentre.org or heather@torontofreegallery.org

One Response to “News: Town Hall Meeting in Toronto Regarding Cuts to Cultural and Heritage grants”

  1. Anne Tait says:

    These cuts are just the beginning — and they’re sneaky — no notice given to the organizations affected.
    The Harper gov’t starts by unfairly criticizing recipients of individual grants — most of whom paid for additional expenses themselves, — but then they cut the entire programs holus-bolus.
    So short-sighted! Does the Harper gov’t really not know about the value of promoting our musicians, training our film-makers, preserving and fostering our arts?
    Even in dollars and cents terms, these programs have paid off ten-fold. Does our current gov’t really want a nation of cretins who cannot show their artistry to the world?
    Anne Tait
    film producer.

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