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Canadian Art Videos

Check out the short videos that we produced for the Canadian Art Foundation:

Just click right HERE.

Woman with the Devil, Drawing by Annie Pootoogook.
Image: sitemedia.ca/Feheley Fine Arts

  • Dealer Wil Kucey of Le Gallery talks about his hot young artists and his prescient interest in illustrative, grafitti and street art
  • Dealer Pat Feheley discusses the new Inuit art. It’s not soapstone sculptures of bears anymore, since Annie Pootoogook’s drawings were included in the last Documenta in Kassel, Germany.
  • Artist Kim Dorland welcomes us into his studio as he talks about his influences, his recent work and how he hopes the viewer responds to his paintings.

Katie Bethune-Leamen, Mushroom Studio, 2008. Image: torontosculpturegarden.com

  • Artist Katie Bethune-Leamen talks to Leah Sandals about mushrooms! Her installation at Toronto’s Sculpture Garden is a giant mushroom inside which she works, Alice-in-Wonderland style.
  • Curator Barbara Fischer won her bid to take London-based Canadian film artist Mark Lewis to next year’s Venice Biennale as Canada’s representative. (VoCA anticipated this – HERE) She discusses what it means to be a Canadian artist today.
  • Curator Claire Christie talks to Leah Sandals about the artists that she has included in her upcoming exhibition at Toronto’s Susan Hobbs Gallery.

2 Responses to “Canadian Art Videos”

  1. Leah Sandals says:

    Hey Andrea, Great that you posted these here. It was really fun for me to interview Kathie and Claire for this… also Kenny Doren at http://www.digitalopera.org did such a rad job on the shoot, dontcha think? : )
    Have a great weekend, Leah

  2. Leah Sandals says:

    Ooooooh…. How can I call myself an editor when I spell “Kathie” as “Katie” and I even interviewed her myself?
    For dictionary-owning shame!
    Apologies, Katie!
    And thanks again, Andrea.
    Best, L

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