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News: Playwright Wajdi Mouawad’s Letter to Stephen Harper

Playwright Wajdi Mouawad. Image: ledevoir.com

From Wajdi Mouawad, Governor General Award-winning Canadian playwright; Knight of the Ordre National des Arts et des Lettres, France; Artistic Director of French Theatre, The National Arts Centre of Canada.

Originally published in the Montreal paper Le Devoir.

Monsieur le premier ministre,

We are neighbours. We work across the street from one another. You are Prime Minister of the Parliament of Canada and I, across the way, am a writer, theatre director and Artistic Director of the French Theatre at the National Arts Centre (NAC). So, like you, I am an employee of the state, working for the Federal Government; in other words, we are colleagues.

Let me take advantage of this unique position, as one functionary to another, to chat with you about the elimination of some federal grants in the field of culture, something that your government recently undertook. Indeed, having followed this matter closely, I have arrived at a few conclusions that I would like to publicly share with you since, as I’m sure you will agree, this debate has become one of public interest….

Read the rest of the letter HERE.

One Response to “News: Playwright Wajdi Mouawad’s Letter to Stephen Harper”

  1. Ezra Winton says:

    Check out our contest to frame Harper. We’d love to have Mouwad on our jury if anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know.

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