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The Quebec Triennale in Art Review magazine

Gwenaël Bélanger, Chutes (amas), 2003. Image: graff.ca

In this piece for Art Review magazine, we single out our picks for “Next Great Quebec Artist” from the recent Quebec Triennale in Montreal.

Read our full review on artreview.com, HERE

Manon De Pauw, Fantasmagorie lumineuse, 2008. Image: canadianart.ca

The Biennale was exceptionally curated, in that it played to the strengths of many works. Find the website HERE.

VoCA favorites include:

  • Gwenaël Bélanger – Click HERE
  • Manon De Pauw – Click HERE
  • Adad Hannah – Click HERE
  • Patrick Coutu – Click HERE
  • David Altmejd – Click HERE
  • Adrian Norvid – Click HERE
  • Bettina Hoffmann – Click HERE
  • David Ross – Click HERE

Adad Hannah, Two Mirrors, 2008. Image: canadianart.ca

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