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“Art is what you can get away with” -Andy Warhol

Damien Hirst, The Explosion – Exalted, 2006. Image: ionarts.blogspot.com

VoCA loves reading FT art critic Jackie Wullschlager’s take on things. Here’s her take on Damien Hirst’s sale at Sotheby’s in London, which happens today.

“Warhol..and Jeff Koons…were prophets of this collusion, but (Damien Hirst’s upcoming Sotheby’s sale) “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever” is its apogee. It does not matter what sells or flops.

With Mr Hirst’s open-mouthed shark and glittery-banal skull and bull its emblems, art history of the past 20 years is distinguished not by a dominant movement or style – that is impossible with the new global pluralism – but by the unprecedented, unstoppable, absurd, obscene rise of the art market itself. This is how we will be remembered, this is why Mr Hirst speaks for the times.”

Read the full article HERE.

Click HERE to browse the auction catalogue and more on Sotheby’s site.

4 Responses to ““Art is what you can get away with” -Andy Warhol”

  1. Eric Bolduc says:

    enlightening ;) seriously :]

  2. “the curators will not look at your work, you are not a member of the British establishment. It is the same in your own country, and you ought to know that”
    I was told this once at a visit to the Tate, it is true.

    In response to this article, it is not in fact art and it’s relationship to the market, which has any bearing. Mr Hirst’s work is beautiful. However, it is his connection to an establishment which makes his play in this market possible. Sotheby’s would only participate if the money was going to be there, it’s not as if a gifted unknown artist would be permitted to make such a play. Ever. end of story. There’s no point in complaining, the joy must be found in creation; something Hirst likely has little time for these days, what, with running a factory and all.

  3. LZG says:

    Isn’t Hirst a Saatchi product? Much like Koons, a former Wall Street broker, these guys know how to ride the wave but is this really art when the act of art seems premeditated and the focus is playing the market?

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