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VoCA Recommends…Harold Edgerton and New Culture in Toronto, Bruce Head in Winnipeg

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto

Dyed Roots: The New Emergence of Culture

September 9 – October 26, 2008

This beautiful exhibition, curated by Camilla Singh in the difficult space of MoCCA, presents “the intermingling of cultures…considered as a natural consequence of immigration and travel.”

Rina Banerjee, Crib sculpture. Image: rinabanerjee.net

The show’s title refers to intrinsic qualities that persist in spite of external influence and efforts made to conceal them. Dyed Roots: the new emergence of culture explores the ways in which a sense of identity can be cultivated and influenced.

Delicate, shimmering sculptures by Rina Banerjee (U.S.A./India) , work by Victor Bergen Henegouwen (The Netherlands), Toronto artist and curator Emelie Chhangur (1st generation Canadian: England/Guyana), Brendan Fernandes (India/Kenya/Canada/U.S.A.) and Reeta Saeed’s beautifully wasted flags. (Canada/Pakistan) are not to be missed.

Powerful symbols holding the pride of nations and cultures are disturbed and reclaimed. Attention is drawn to the interdependent relationship of tourism, culture, and trade, as well as the evolving significance of cultural artefacts through consumerism (souvenirs).

A small project space in the centre of the room will house two consecutive projects – first a residency of sorts by Rashmi Varma, and secondly a mini exhibition curated by Kenneth Montague of Wedge Projects.

Please click HERE for more information on the exhibition.

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Head Space: Five Decades of Bruce Head

September 11 – November 23, 2008

Five Decades of Bruce Head at The Winnipeg Art Gallery examines Head’s entire artistic career in the context of his experimentation and innovation with materials that have made significant contributions to the development of Abstraction on the prairies.

Bruce Head, Untitled. Image: kensegalgallery.com

Along with Frank Mikuska and Tony Tascona, Head was an innovator of the “ink graphic” in the late 1950s, gradually moving into an exploration with a painterly and lyrical approach to organic Abstraction. In the 1960s he made a radical departure with his shaped canvases. He punctured the surface, stretched the canvas over old film reels, sewed and collaged the canvas with elegant and surprising results.

Head Space: Five Decades of Bruce Head features 137 paintings, sculptures, prints, and works on paper.

The last solo show devoted to this artist at The Winnipeg Art Gallery was in 1973. This show is an opportunity to introduce his work to a new generation, particularly since the aesthetic of the 1970s has come under reconsideration.

Click HERE for the gallery website.

Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto

Harold Egerton: Photographs

September 20 – October 25 2008

Harold Egerton, Bullet Through Jack, 1964. Image: corkingallery.com

Harold Edgerton was a professor of electrical engineering at MIT and the inventor of the strobe light, which allowed him to literally freeze objects in the frame of the photograph. His inventive works captured the effects of motion, the human form and phenomena too fast for the human eye to perceive. With Edgerton’s photography it was possible, for the first time, to see a remarkable range of objects in motion: the exact moment a bullet pierces through a playing card, for instance.

Edgerton’s work had a significant influence on major photographers of the 20th century, including André Kertész.

Please click HERE for the gallery website and more images.

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