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VoCA Recommends…Jonathan Meese Performance in Toronto!

LIVE / Jonathan Meese
Saturday, 4 October / 6 PM / $4 Members, $6 Non-Members
The Power Plant

The German artist Jonathan Meese. Image: cfa-berlin.com

Controversial German artist Jonathan Meese, whose wild, unhinged installations and performances are sometimes described as “social exorcisms” comes to Toronto for his first Canadian exhibition and performance this weekend.


Jonathan Meese, Quallenmeese de Gwappa Orgepp de Polymortyssys. Image: artfacts.net

Meese uses historical figures such as Adolf Hitler and Richard Wagner, Scarlett Johansson and Charles Bronson alongside self-portraiture and mythological symbols to create a highly personal, and highly charged narrative that you will not want to miss.

For his performance at Toronto’s Power Plant Gallery, Meese has conceived of a puppet show, The Humpty Dumpty Revolution of Dictatorship of Art.

He was a big draw when he performed at Tate Modern in 2006 – check out the video below:


He will show at Toronto’s Greener Pastures Gallery from October 3 – 8 November, 2008
For more info, please click HERE for the gallery website.

Jonathan Meese first gained international recognition at the inaugural Berlin Biennial in 1998. His biggest fan is the German art collector Harald Falckenberg, whose Paul Thek exhibition VoCA visited last spring in Hamburg. Click HERE for that post.
(Meese and Gerhard Richter were at the opening!)

Click HERE for the Power Plant Gallery website, for more info on the performance.

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  1. LOL says:

    Really? You mean like Jackson Pollock on Acid?

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