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VoCA Rumour…

Rumour has it that the Venice Architecture Biennale is coming to Cambridge Ontario!

Apparently, the Biennale Foundation has agreed to work with the University of Waterloo to create a ‘preview’ of sorts this coming summer. This show will become the basis for the next Architecture Biennale in 2010/2011.

It’s not official quite yet, but rumours have been swirling and we have it on pretty good authority that it’s going to happen.

The Architecture Biennale runs in alternate years from the Art Biennale, for which the super hot sculptor David Altmejd represented Canada last year, as we reported HERE.

Arsenale Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale 2006. Image: Darrel Ronald/dysturb.net

This year’s Canadian pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, on now through November 23, 2008 is the exhibition 41° to 66°: Architecture in Canada – Region, Culture, Tectonics, co-curated by architectural professors John McMinn (University of Waterloo) and Marco Polo (Ryerson University, Toronto) and organized by Cambridge Galleries.

With RIM in town, there’s seemingly no limit to what the Waterloo region can achieve.

Good on them. Stay tuned for more on this…

In the meantime, click HERE for an article on the situation.

And HERE for the Biennale press release.

Out There: Architecture Beyond Building, the Venice Architecture Biennale, runs in Venice to Nov. 23.

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