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VoCA Loves…Morales

However you define fashion, there’s no denying that Montreal designer Renata Morales is an artist – and it’s certain that Canada has very few of whom one can say that.

A look from Morales’ spectacular Spring 2009 show. Image: renatamorales.com

Yoshitomo Nara, Guitar Girl, 2003. Image: tokyoartgallery.com

She’s influenced by such artists as Laura Kikauka, Robert Wilson, Marc Quinn and Yoshitomo Nara, which she documents on her website HERE and has been collaborating with Montreal mega ad agency Sid Lee on their super cool Amsterdam collective, producing a limited collection called Renata Loves Sid Lee.

Click HERE for more on Sid Lee.

Canadian artist Laura Kikauka. Iamge: laurakikauka.com

A look from Renata Loves Sid Lee. Image: sidleecollective.ca

To view the slideshow of Morales’ Spring 2009 collection, please click HERE.

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