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VoCA Recommends…David Hoffos at SAAG, Paul Butler and Suzanne Swannie

1. David Hoffos: Scenes From the House Dream
October 04 – 30 November, 2008
The Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge

David Hoffos, Scenes from a House Dream. Image: saag.ca

This exhibition, curated by Shirley Madill presents one of VoCA’s favorite Canadian artists, David Hoffos’ master work, Scenes from the House Dream. The House Dream project has formed the nexus of Hoffos’ studio practice for the past five years and serves as a compendium of the artist’s signature new/old media techniques which have been perfected over seventeen years of art production.

David Hoffos, Scenes from a House Dream. Image: saag.ca

Lethbridge, Alberta-based artist David Hoffos’ ongoing practice continues to explore the uncanny and its relationship to the everyday; his engaging mixture of both creates narratives that transcend time and place. The artist’s use of low-tech paraphernalia to produce illusions of reality has contributed to an entirely original body of work. The subject matter of his current production represents a move away from the outward-looking spectacle to a more personal examination of the human psyche.

David Hoffos is represented by Trepanier Baier Gallery. Please click HERE.

Watch this fantastic chronological montage of documentation clips from David Hoffos installations produced between 1991 and 2005:


The exhibition, which VoCA highly recommends, wil travel to the National Gallery in Ottawa in fall 2009. Stay tuned.

2. Paul Butler: Interventions
November 22 – 20 December, 2008
MKG127, Toronto

Paul Butler, untitled 6 (art interventions) Art Forum / mixed media, 2007.
Image: theotherpaulbutler.com

Winnipeg artist Paul Butler has been inspired by elaborate hoaxes in his new work. He writes, “(They) made me think about the mechanics of the art world – who is being championed? Who is Championing them? Who are the gatekeepers?

untitled 5(art interventions) Art Forum / mixed media, 2007.
Image: theotherpaulbutler.com

Now, with the current financial crisis, we have an exciting opportunity as artists, to reclaim control and reinvent our art world, despite the art market.”

Visit MKG127 Gallery website HERE and Paul Butler’s website HERE.

Danish Modern: Suzanne Swannie Textil
18 Oct 2008 – 23 Nov 2008
Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax

Suzanne Swannie, Various carpets from ‘Ground Covers’ exhibition.
Image: suzanneswannie.com

Suzanne Swannie is a Halifax-based designer and weaver who creates functional textiles, tapestries and large architectural installations for private and public environments, in the “Danish Modern” style of repetition of modular units with a typical emphasis on rich colour harmonies..

The retrospective selection includes tapestry works from the 1970s; pieced and appliqueed wall textiles created in collaboration with the Mi’kmaq women of Eskasoni Reserve (1977-1980); production household textiles (1980s); the creased-silk installation Repassage (1986); subsequent tapestry carpets and their paper studies (1990s, 2000s); and the major figurative tapestry triptych completed in 2007.

Check out the MSVU Gallery website HERE and the artist’s website HERE.

3 Responses to “VoCA Recommends…David Hoffos at SAAG, Paul Butler and Suzanne Swannie”

  1. Had the good fortune of seeing Hoffos work in Guelph at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre a few years back. I think I went back about a half a dozen times. It was one of the best shows I had seen in ages. The imagery is haunting and mesmerizing. If you get the chance to see his show dont miss it.

  2. Absolutely, the SAAG show plus Medicine Hat, puts Hoffos in the large picture of international video / film and installation production. Had he lived in London, England, recently, he would be the Turner Prize winner (as it returns to quality in art).
    Both exhibitions are brilliant and well installed.
    See the work if you can where ever it might be in the next year.

  3. Dahn M Casselman says:

    I just saw David Hoffas work at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia this week. It is eerie, mesmorizing and totally unique. The diorama’s are well done seemed to be enjoyed as much by the young people as the adults. AGNS also set up an area where children can make their own diorama’s.

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