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News: Mark Leckey Wins Turner Prize

Artist Mark Leckey has won the Turner Prize.

He exhibited alongside Damien Hirst in the 1990 New Contemporaries exhibition at the ICA but afterwards dropped from view, before making a “comeback” with Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore in 1999.

Mark Leckey, Felix Gets Broadcasted 2007. Image: guardian.co.uk

Jonathan Jones of the Guardian loves this guy: “Mark Leckey is a fantastically creative example of this method. There’s a quality of William Burroughs’s cut-ups to his remorseless, frantic hybrid works of art, like his Soundsystem, which splices together fragments of high and low culture and everyday life, and his brilliant video The March of the Big White Barbarians, which weaves images of London’s 20th-century public art – all those clunking metal sculptures by Eduardo Paolozzi – into a hypnotic, endlessly fascinating dream of the city’s secret life.”

“He haunts the secret parts of modern culture, where memory and emotion linger by a rusting abstract sculpture. He is represented by the same galleries that have nurtured almost all the artists I’ve called subjective anthropologists – Cabinet in London and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York – and anyone charmed by the flea market staged by Gavin Brown’s Enterprise at last year’s Frieze art fair will find Leckey’s art captivating, mysterious, soulful and provocative.”

Click HERE to watch one of his videos.

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