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Ferran Adria: The Picasso of Food

We’ve been intrigued for a while now by the cuisine of Ferran Adria, the Spanish chef for whom food seems a material with which to create a kind of conceptual art experience.

Adria’s peach paper ‘tramontana’, 2005. Yes, it’s edible. Image: elbulli.com

In honour of all the food that surrounds the holidays, we’ve linked HERE back to art critic Jerry Saltz’s great review of his meal at Adria’s restaurant El Bulli.

Mango and black olive discs, 2005. Image: elbulli.com

Here’s the El Bulli website, to book a table if you can wait until 2010. 

Alternatively, his books are available for sale online.

Hazelnut merengada ice cream, 2005. Image: elbulli.com

A virgin olive oil caramel spring, 2005. Image: elbulli.com

Check out more of these images from the El Bulli catalogue HERE.

And an interview with Adria, from always-inspiring-more.com HERE.

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