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Drama at the National Gallery of Canada

From the New York Times: As Pierre Théberge prepares to end his 11-year tenure as the director of the National Gallery, Canada’s wealthiest art institution is immersed in a controversy that has more in common with television comedies like “The Office” than debates about expenditures on paintings…

David Franklin, the deputy director of the National Gallery of Canada. Image: nytimes.com

Read the full article by Ian Austen HERE

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  1. I read this article by Ian Austen with great interest…actually still laughing about the politics involved in the running a gallery of this size. Just think of all the money that could go into developing art programs across this country if folks like these were sent on their way(to run their own private galleries…just think they could surround themlselves with all the right people) and leave this important Canadian Instution to persons dedicated to creating, and promoting art!

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