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Toronto: Mercer Union exhibitions

Street Poets & Visionaries: Selections from the UbuWeb Collection
Craig Leonard: Amusicology
January 09, 2009- February 14, 2009
Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art, Toronto

January 9, 7 pm: Talk by UbuWeb founder Kenneth Goldsmith.

A work by Henry Darger. Image: cvr.ai.uiuc.edu

This exhibition, billed as “formally striking, emotionally charged and bizarre beyond belief”, includes posters, mad scribblings, political screeds, religious rants, and paranoid raves that expand the notion of the Outsider arts to include the written word.

Their obsessive quality evokes Adolf Wölfli and Henry Darger’s visionary works.

A work by Adolf Wölfli. Image: katyelliott.com

Featured in the exhibition will be the work of David Daniels (1933-2008), a Bay Area poet who created a complex body of work including visual poems using only Microsoft Word. Works from two of his epic series, “The Gates of Paradise” and “Years” will be featured.

UbuWeb (ubu.com) is the Internet’s largest resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts, featuring thousands of MP3s, films, books, scholarly papers, and poems.

Kenneth Goldsmith is an American Poet who resides in New York City. He is the founding editor of UbuWeb and
hosts a weekly radio show on WFMU. Goldsmith teaches Poetics at the University of Pennsylvania and is a senior
editor of PennSound, an online poetry archive. In addition to writing several books of poetry, he is the editor of
I’ll be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews (2004).

Click HERE for more on UbuWeb and HERE for UbuWeb website.


Craig Leonard lives in Halifax and has been teaching Intermedia at the NSCAD University since 2006. This exhibition of mini-installations experiment with rock music, sculpture and archival impulse channeling King Tubby, Jimmy Page, the Screamers and others.

Craig Leonard, Rearrange Your Furniture (2003) Magazine advert. Image: endofplinths.blogspot.com

Please click HERE for more on Craig Leonard’s work.

Click HERE for Mercer Union’s website.

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