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VoCA Recommends…Public Art Interventions in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Here Now or Nowhere
Throughout January 2009
Grande Prairie, Alberta
Presented by the Prairie Art Gallery

Jon Sasaki, The Destination and the Journey, 2007, video still

Here Now or Nowhere and is an exhibition of temporary public interventions taking place throughout downtown Grande Prairie, in Alberta.

Where is Grande Prairie? It’s located 456 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. The population of Grande Prairie is currently over 50,000 people and it’s deemed the second-fasted growing city in the oil and (increasingly culture) -rich province.

Kelly Mark, Glow House #2, Birmingham, UK in 2003. Image: mocoloco.com

Curated by the Canadian artist Micah Lexier, the exhibition features video projections and installations by Deb Davidovits, Neil Goldberg, Adad Hannah, Kristan Horton, Michael Klein, Jan Peacock & Jon Sasaki; newspaper projects by Michael Dumontier, Kim Moodie & Erica Van Horn; an interactive audio work by Germaine Koh; a free comic book by Edward Bader; a series of magazine ads by Julie Voyce; and Kelly Mark’s Glow House.

Michael Dumontier, Untitled (Pipe), 2008, newspaper project

For more info, and info on a “day of talks and night of celebration” on January 17, please click HERE.

One Response to “VoCA Recommends…Public Art Interventions in Grande Prairie, Alberta”

  1. Fabulous adventure in Grande Prairie, wish I could get there, good on the curator and the director all of the supporters of the Grande Prairie Art Gallery, what a great event.
    Best Success Doug

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