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VoCA Recommends…Jeppe Hein, Jon Sasaki, Tonik, Patrick Bernatchez

Jeppe Hein
The Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
January 30 – March 29, 2009

Jeppe Hein, Moving Neon Cube, 2004. Image: euroassistance.com

This is Danish artist Jeppe Hein’s first exhibition in Canada. His work often appears Minimalist, but then goes on to engage the viewer in surprising ways, reminding us of Max Dean’s robotic chair and other pieces.

Jeppe Hein trained as a carpenter in Denmark and worked as assistant to the Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. He’s now based in Berlin.

For his sculptures in this exhibition, Hein offers an opportunity for viewers to experience art outside of the traditional passive role of the art viewer. Both pieces sit still and silent until they are engaged by audiences who, in viewing the artwork, trigger outbursts of sound and movement.

Hein is represented by 303 Gallery in New York. Please click HERE for gallery website.

New Beginnings: Ann Dean & Tonik Wojtyra, Soo Kim, Jon Sasaki, Claude Zervas
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
January 29 – 14 March, 2009


Artists using light, motivational text, sanguine performances, and beauty invite us to have some hope, take a leap of faith, and suspend disbelief if only for a moment.

Don’t miss Jon Sasaki’s performance that “involves the containment of fireworks.” Click HERE, then go to ‘Portfolio’ and click the second from the top on the far right hand side, to see the Quicktime video.

Patrick Bernatchez: The Chrysalides Trilogy
Prefix, Toronto
January 29 – 7 March, 2009

Patrick Bernatchez, I Feel Cold Today, 2006. Image: galeriedonaldbrowne.com

This is the world premiere of the full Chrysalides Trilogy by emerging Québécois artist Patrick Bernatchez, whose work made quite an impression (see VoCA post HERE) of the Quebec Triennale last year. The first and second films have been previously shown in Quebec, but the third premieres here.

In the first video, titled I Feel Cold Today (2007), a typical office space – tidy, serene and seemingly abandoned – is paired with a haunting orchestral soundtrack. Suddenly snow begins to fall, fluttering down hallways and through doorways and the music transforms into an unnatural, grating wall of sound, one that complements this surreal vision.

The second video in the trilogy, “Chrysalide” (2008), features a man sitting in a car as it slowly fills with water. The driving, electronic soundscape builds towards an ominous finale.

Bernatchez is represented by Galerie Donald Browne in Montreal. Please click HERE.

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  1. Frieda Zink says:

    I would like to see more of your suggestions regarding recent exhibitions happening especially in Vancouver. Your Blog is exciting especially for me, as I look forward to getting an exhibit at the Evergreen Centre in Coquitlam.

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