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A Good Idea: The Upper Trading Post

Following on from our recent question of whether artist flea markets are the new art fairs, Winnipeg artist/dealer Paul Butler has launched a website, which is “a collectively determined, autonomous art economy where economic value is determined through the consensus of peers.

It exists to facilitate connections and to create a network through which artists can trade their art.”

Work from theuppertradingpost.com

Originally invitational, now it’s gone public.

Finally…! It seems that art is being judged on a more level playing field than the extravagant marketing that supports much contemporary art. But will the concept work against itself? What if, in our image-saturated world, no-name art holds little value? We suppose it’s a glass-half-full sort of thing. If you’re expecting to find good art, then you do.

Work from theuppertradingpost.com, by Paul Butler, perhaps?

But perhaps the most intriguing aspect here is that participants determine art’s value, kind of like Craigslist for art. We also appreciate how Butler has identified a wonderful opportunity of conveying art through the web, an approach that works due to Winnipeg’s high per-capita artists and it’s being more or less in the middle of the barren Canadian prairies..

Work from theuppertradingpost.com

Check it out right HERE.

Take the tour or register and kickstart your art collection!

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