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VoCA Recommends…Judy Chicago in Toronto

When Women Rule the World: Judy Chicago in Thread
The Textile Museum, Toronto
Feb 11 – Sep 7, 2009

Judy Chicago, Judy Chicago Birth Tear 1982. Image: textilemuseum.ca/donald woodman

VoCA loves feminist art, and VoCA loves Judy Chicago.

We last saw her work at the WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution at the VAG in December (click HERE for VoCA post), where her paintings were some of the strongest in the show.

We admire the way she is able to distill so many apsects of what femininity is into an abstract painting, or an embroidery, yet she does it without Tracey Emin’s anger, or Sarah Lucas’ irony.

Judy Chicago, Peeling Back, 1974. Image: acagalleries.com

Best known for her groundbreaking sculptural installation, The Dinner Party (1974-1979), Chicago has spent decades exploring the possibilities of “thread as brushstroke.”

This exhibition surveys some of Chicago’s most important contributions in cloth from 1971 to present, including the Birth Project (1980-1985), the Holocaust Project (1993) and Resolutions: A Stitch in Time (1994 to present).

Judy Chicago’s legendary Dinner Party. Image: brooklynmuseum.org

The exhibition is curated by Toronto ‘feminist’ feminist (or post-feminst?) artist Allyson Mitchell. Click HERE to check out Mitchell’s work.

Click HERE for the museum website.

Click HERE for Judy Chicago’s website.

2 Responses to “VoCA Recommends…Judy Chicago in Toronto”

  1. MH says:

    Why the scare quotes around feminist in reference to Allyson Mitchell? I think it’s fair to say her work is explicitly and unapologetically feminist.

  2. Andrea says:

    You’re right. I’m not sure if she considers herself a feminist artist or not…hence the quotes. But I also think her work is unapologetically feminist, which is wonderful. I’m taking them out.

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