Montreal’s Nuit Blanche is a night of arts, culture and entertainment that takes place in the middle of a week-long Montreal High Lights Festival, which runs from February 19 – 1 March 1, 2009.

Nuit Blanche takes place from the evening of February 28 through the morning of Sunday, March 1.

The event is divded into zones – Click HERE for Part One, with our picks for the QUARTIER VIEUX-MONTRÉAL ET QUAI DU VIEUX-PORT. Below, are our picks for the QUARTIER DES SPECTACLES ET CENTRE-VILLE, the QUARTIER PLATEAU MONT-ROYAL and the ART SOUTERRAIN:



1. UQAM GALLERY: Manon De Pauw

This exhibition of one of Quebec’s brightest art stars will feature photograms, photographs, video performances, performance set-ups, single-channel videos and multi-channel video installations, manipulation of accessories, materials and colours, unfurling gestures, hands and bodies, and use of surfaces of inscription like paper, tables, screens and lightboxes …

Manon De Pauw will improvise with sound artist Nancy Tobin in an open workshop. They will construct an audio and visual space together, employing the intensity of colours and frequencies, and manipulating both visible and invisible materials.

Please click HERE.

2. Jean-Maxime Dufresne

The Montreal artist brings the gallery space to life with an arrangement of modules conducive to encounter between people and ideas – such as a viewing station, a shared kitchen, a transcript office or a listening area.

Using research, editing and installation processes, Agency derives its content from thought-provoking video interviews broaching various concerns: revisited utopias, interstitial practices, precarious spaces, hidden phenomena, migrating bodies, technological uses, etc.

Meet the artist, too

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3. Veronique Milikovitch: Graffiti sur soie en direct

Watch as one of Montreal’s most innovative fashion designers graffitis various silk garments to produce her unusual designs.

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A scene from the Panadream Theatre. Image: George Lukidis/Panadream Theatre


-A Night of Puppets
-Live performances by Panadream theatre
-The Forkman – A 45 MIN MARIONETTE production by local puppeteers
-Puppet animation: Madame Tutli-Putli and Jan Zenek Disparait
-An exhibition of puppets

Click HERE

2. Galerie Boye: Collaborative Art

BE-AHEAD.ORG with Boye Coiffure, invites the public to participate in the creation of a collective work of art, with the collaboration overseen by emerging Quebec artists. This showpiece will be installed at the entrance of the building, and subsequently immortalized on a souvenir card. A unique experience!

Click HERE


Isabelle Hayeur, Sommeil. Image: isabelle-hayeur.com

1. Isabelle Hayeur: Sommeil (ou les séjours sous terre)

Sleep (or periods underground) seeks to stimulate one’s imagination about what could lie beneath the passageways. The work is composed of three back-lit photographs showing crosssections of basements.

Centre de commerce mondial
Square-Victoria metro

2. France Dubois: Sous la glace

The video installation Under the Ice converts a staircase linding into a passageway to Captain Nemo’s world.

Place Bonaventure
800, De La Gauchetièreb street West
métroBonaventure bus 36 – 107 – 168

3. Alaska B. et Attwood: Yamantaka//Sonic Titan III

Influenced equally by western rock music and traditional Asian opera, Yamantaka// Sonic Titan is a trans-national art cult. This is their third inter-media performance in this incarnation.

Centre Eaton
McGill metro

For more info on Montreal’s Nuit Blanche, please click HERE.

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