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Art Advisors: Where we are Headed

Four top art advisors hold a round table discussion to flesh out exactly how the recession is changing today’s art landscape:

Art + Auction’s roundtable discussion. Image: artinfo.com

ON ART ADVISORS: “Most people who do this are gatekeepers. They know rich people, they have some access to art, and they provide people who may be interested in collecting art with access. Having said that, I believe that whether it’s art advisers, dealers, curators or critics, most people in the contemporary-art field are enthusiasts more than experts.”

ON WHERE THE MARKET IS HEADED: “There will be a process of natural selection. The market will sacrifice a certain number of artists and galleries. What will result is a greater preservation of prices for a large number of artists.”

“Or everything could more or less stop for a period of time, like in the ’90s. The market is behaving reasonably at the moment. But that’s not a guarantee that it will continue to do so.”

“There’s going to be a shift toward seeking out top-quality, rare things.”

“All the conventional wisdom was defied in the past market. I hope we are returning to some semblance of rationality in terms of understanding value.”

ON HOW TO PROVIDE VALUE TO CLIENTS: “You have to bring it down to the micro level, object by object. Why is this appropriate? What gap does it fill in your collection? Opportunities don’t happen that frequently. My client has a good expression: “Are you jumping up and down?”

Read the full article from Art + Auction, HERE.

2 Responses to “Art Advisors: Where we are Headed”

  1. Murray Quinn says:

    It would be fascinating to have a comparable interview with these ‘advisors’ from twelve months ago; they seem a little too self-righteous.

    For a great read, I recommend the Patti Smith interview posted a few days ago. Unlike this one, it won’t leave you feeling soiled.

  2. just a short diddy – to say that I enjoy reading your articles and comments….!

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