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VoCA Recommends…Andrew Rucklidge

Andrew Rucklidge: The Fringes
April 3 – 25, 2009
Michael Gibson Gallery, London Ontario

Andrew Rucklidge, Accumulation Zone – Surging Glacier, 2008. Image: gibsongallery.com

There’s something about Andrew Rucklidge’s paintings…it’s their grand, otherworldly energy, the way they refer to something greater and the way you could keep looking at them for hours. They just feel incredibly modern and more importantly, they have a very modern authenticity about them, while also referring to the landscapes of Katsushika Hokusai among other references.

Andrew Rucklidge, Dip and Collapse, 2008. Image: gibsongallery.com

Although we wish Rucklidge would design for the theatre or contemporary dance – he could do great, forceful things with costume, sets and lighting, we’re sure – we do admire his work, which has now morphed into these rocky landscapes. It’s our favorite yet.

Highly recommended.

Click HERE for Andrew Rucklidge’s website

Click HERE for Michael Gibson Gallery

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