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Food and Art: Vancouver and Montreal

Cafe for Contemporary art: WE LOVE YOU COMRADE NAVIN
140 E Esplanade, Vancouver

North Vancouver’s newest contemporary art space is a cafe and art gallery. It’s a clean space punched up with bright colours, great coffee and a ‘children’s corner’, which is presumably where you’ll find the artists.

The Navin Party Bollywood poster. Images: artnet.com

From March 23 to 24 April, 2009 the cafe has WE LOVE YOU COMRADE NAVIN on view. The exhibition presents two projects from Navin Party, a collaborative piece by Navin Rawanchaikul and cafe director Tyler Russell.

The project stems from Navin’s idea of travelling to places he had never been and interviewing people who shared his name (Navin or Naveen), thus creating a kind of community that parallels the online social tribes of Facebook or Twitter.

The children’s corner at the Cafe for Contemporary Art. Image: cleanhotdry.com

Click HERE for their (not very helpful) blog, or email cafeforcontemporaryart@gmail.com for more info.

Dépanneur Le Pickup
7032 Waverly, Montreal

The staff of Dépanneur Le Pickup. Image: depanneurlepickup.com

Anyone who’s lived in Montreal knows that ‘the dep’ is where you buy your beer and cigarettes, making Quebec’s ubiquitous corner shops a boon to university students. Now, add culture to the list.

Open just under a year and seating just 24, Dépanneur Le Pickup hosts a variety of events and dinners, including screening and dinner combos in collaboration with Pavilion Projects.

Click HERE for website

Click HERE for Pavilion Projects’ more comprehensive site.

2 Responses to “Food and Art: Vancouver and Montreal”

  1. Jon Izen says:

    Hi Andrea. I came across your blog. Great post of great work!! I wonder if you would like to check out an art show I am having at the Magic Pony in Toronto. The details are on my website if you can make it. Keep up the great work with Canadian artists!!

  2. Andrea says:

    Of course, there’s also Jamie’s Area in Toronto. Stay tuned for more on this “space that performs multiple roles such as gallery, studio, kitchen, theatre, workshop, research lab, blog, and archive..”


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